About my work: Hemelse soepen, the Magic soup book in Dutch // and I'm giving away a copy!

 The Dutch version of the book MAGIC SOUP I photographed last year has been published! And... the Belgian publisher Luster has kindly given me a nice parcel to give away to one of you lovely lot!
Just leave a comment below and tell me what your all time favourite soup is! The winner will be pulled out of a funny hat!

Hemelse Soepen is available in The Netherlands and Belgium in Dutch and other than a different cover and language, the book is completely the same as the English version. Full of wholesome and flavoursome soups which are not reduced to a starter but are more the star of the meal.

Over a period of 3 weeks during a hot summer a year ago in London, I photographed  'Magic Soup'. Magic Soup is written by Ottolenghi's former head chef Nicole Pisani and author Kate Adams. The two ladies have come up with a fun and nutritious set of soup recipes for all different occasions, some are to impress your guests with, some will give you strength and will feel like an immense hug when you're feeling unwell, some look dainty, others look robust and down to earth. There is a soup for everyone in this book. I might be biased but I think this book is great and it places soups back on a higher shelve. 
Not only does the book tell you how to make a good stock, it teaches you how to make your own Kimchi, scallop ceviche and cured salmon. Exciting much? Soups range from a fertility soup, pickled soup, nettle soup with flowers, beetroot and burrata, Ramen, Miso to a good old watercress soup with crab toasts. I tasted most of these dishes during our delicious lunches, they are good.

The giveaway closes 15th of october! To win, just leave a comment below and tell me about your all time favourite soup! The winner will be notified on this page so check back to contact me with your address so the book can be sent to you. The book comes with a wooden spoon, an orange tea towel - seen in the picture - and two packs of spices! Please note the book I'm giving away is in Dutch not in English.

Disclaimer // This is in no way sponsored content.
Please note the book I'm giving away is in Dutch not in English. Giveaway only open to people from Holland and Belgium (because book is Dutch)

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