Outdoor cooking - Pizza

I dream of having an Italian woodfired oven in my garden...
I have got a smoker and I found out it bakes a mean pizza and great flatbreads!
So what I do is make enough pizza dough for a few pizza's and then just bake the base for a few minutes, bag and freeze them for a rainy day!

The recipe for 8 pizza bases:
• 250 ml warm water
• 1 packet of dried yeast
• 1 tb of seasalt
• 1tb of honey (the clear kind)
• 300 g of semolina typo 00
• 100 g of plain flour

Ad the yeast to half of the water and the honey. Leave it untill it starts to react.
Ad the salt to the flour and the semolina.
When the yeast is activated, ad to the flour, gently mixing it together and adding the rest of the water when needed.

When you have a nice and smooth ball, put it aside and leave to rise for minimum 30 minutes.
Now knock out the air and form the bases. Leave for another 30 minutes before topping them with all kinds of lovely stuff.