The Cotswolds, good morning sun

We went to stay with friends in the Cotswolds for a few days.
Leaving the busy and stressful life behind and being embraced by the silence and tranquility a country village offers.
We arrived late in the evening, as we turned into the single track road leading to our friends house it started to snow. For a few moments the cottages we drove passed started to look like someone had dusted icing sugar on them. It was cold, terribly cold but the warming fire roaring in our friends cottage warmed our frozen fingers and toes.

The next morning we went on a walk trough the fields wearing wellies and big warm coats.
We visited the church where my friends got married and went home to a cup of warming tea.

I adore this little Cotswold village and the way the yellow stones of the cottages catch the morning sun.

The Irish Tea Brack, a gift that travelled 800 miles

Last night when I got home there was a note awaiting me from the postman.
I was expecting a package from Ireland so I was very excited.

The next day I gave 'the guy from the news agent' my note from the postman "ah the parcel from Ireland, we don't get that every day" surprised by that fact as Ireland isn't at the end of the world, I collected my parcel laughed at the news agents jokes and went on my way.

What came out of the parcel was a white cake box, closed with a black ribbon and a postcard placed underneath.
I had no time to open it as I had to leave for work but I couldn't resist. I read the card, opened the bow on the box and revealed something very special an Irish reader of my blog had sent me.
An Irish tea brack, a wonderful fruit bread/cake made using tea and Irish whiskey.