Brilliantly British - Cawston Press

I discovered Cawston Press at this years Food Blogger Connect. Three days long we were spoiled with their sparkling and still apple juice. I'm picky about my apple juice to be honest, I don't like it too sweet and Cawston Press delivered a perfectly balanced flavour. The apple juice has a pleasant clean taste and the blends like Apple & Elderflower don't overpower the apple flavour. Cawston Press have been pressing apples for juice since 1986 and every carton of Cawston Press has 10 whole apples pressed into it! What I also love is the whole brands design! This one caught my graphic designers eye at once! My favourite of them all? Apple & Rhubarb ... so British.

The website is as pretty as the packaging:

In my Brilliantly British posts* I will feature British products I've discovered on my travels around Britain and on the web. There are beautiful products and produce to be found all around Britain and I enjoy to share them with you on my blog!

*I receive no payment for these posts unless stated otherwise.
I received these cartons of juice from Cawston Press after discovering them in september, I am not obligated to write about them.